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Let Me Hypnotize You…(Video)

Let me hypnotize you with this simple yet effective exercise, to allow you to see, and feel the power of you awesome mind power…That’s it, relax down, and join me in this little experiment, which you’ll love…Then you can show it to your...

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The 3 Doors of Self Hypnosis

If you could choose a door that would lead to more power and control in your life, would you open it? And if you really could, would you want to change? So, how do you change? More than anything else, it’s a mind-set… It’s weird… This C...

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Universal Law of Attraction: A Quick Video

Getting ready for the fall and I’m hanging out in my pool area because it’s gonna be closed for a time. Just here with my dog enjoying the countryside. I decided to make a quick video to share how I am living the life that I’ve always wanted and ...

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